Statistics of Wind Power Promotion Status in Taiwan
  • 31Numbers of
    Wind farm
  • 361Onshore wind
  • 22Offshore wind
  • 725.71Onshore Capacity
  • 128Offshore Capacity
  • 2,235,840Energy Proudced
  • 638,082Homes Powered
  • 1,138,042Carbon dioxide
    reduction (T)
Thousand Wind Turbines Project

According to “Four-year wind power promotion plan”, the offshore wind power strategy consists 3 phases, which include Demonstration Incentive Program, Zones Application for Planning, and Zonal Development. This will improve development and utilization of wind energy, and reach the 5.7 GW goal for offshore wind by 2025.

  • Mid-term Target: Offshore 976 MW by 2020
  • Long-term Target: Offshore 5.7 GW by 2025
Strategies for Offshore Wind
  • Offshore Demonstration Incentive Program (DIP)
    Officially announced on 3rd July, 2012
    1. Incentives for Pioneers
    2. 4 Demonstration Turbines by 2017, 2 Demonstration Wind Farms by 2020
  • Directions of Zone Application for Planning (ZAP)
    1. Transition Period
    2. 36 Zones of Potential
  • Offshore Zonal Development
    1. Self-sustaining Industry
    2. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Thousand Wind Turbines Project